Erdogan and the Coup D’État

Mr. Erdogan failed to realize a couple of basic rules about coup d’état:

a) There’s always a rehersal, trying to understand how the public will react and also to implement fear in the mind of the politicians;

b) Erdogan’s response – ‘They will be severely punished’ – doesn’t affect a soldier who knew he was risking his/her life to change the country. It only makes them heroes to the separatist wing, and also enrages their own military, who will see this not as a ‘just trial’ but as a revenge to ‘demotivate further action’. That would work with civilians, but it has the opposite effect in the military

c) Given Erdogan’s paranoia, he’ll undoubtably increase security on what he believes are ‘state-sensitive’ services. But, as History as proven time and time again, sometimes a coup d’état is but a ruse to make politicians do the wrong choices to make work easier – in other words, a trojan horse.

d) Erdogan’s speech via Skype only weakened his public image, as well as his political/military status – Like Saddam, Khadafi and many others, he got himself into a hole and appealed to the ‘populace’ to manifestate. But be aware – this ‘populace’ is non other than his own party militants, a kind of ‘irregular political police’. I’ve never seen civilians handle H&K G3 as well as those ‘peaceful civilians’ handled.

e) Erdogan’s visit to Istambul may also be a great ruse – Istambul is the perfect city for an ambush with no escape, and while we saw uniformed foot soldiers, make no mistake – there are separatist special forces there, and there may be a ‘warm welcome’ waiting for Erdogan. Once the head is decapitated, the body will die.

f) This is the first of many. This is the end of Erdogan, no matter how much he wants to believe otherwise.

But one thing is certain: Dead or alive, Erdogan and his minions *must* be removed from office. Enough of their disgusting foreign politics and stupid and sadistic internal politics.


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