Erdogan and the Coup D’État: The time of the death penalty – another lesson in History

Like many other tyrants, Erdogan is discussing the possibility of the death penalty for the separatist military

Such behaviour is a clear sign of Erdogan’s weak government, who believes that this moment was a ‘godsend’ to ‘cleanse’ the Turkish Republic of those who dare to oppose him.

History, however, has an interesting story about coup d’état and death penalty…
Let’s go back to Japan, in the 1930’s. A country who has been subjected to the London Naval Treaty, and as such, was forced to reduce the power of its navy.

In May 15th, 1935, eleven navy officers murdered the then-Prime Minister of Japan, Inukai Tsuyoshi. Quoting from Wikipedia:

Inukai Tsuyoshi

“The eleven murderers of Prime Minister Inukai were court-martialed; however, before the end of their trial a petition arrived at court containing over 350,000 signatures in blood, which had been signed by sympathizers around the country to plead for a lenient sentence. During the proceedings, the accused used the trial as a platform to proclaim their loyalty to the Emperor and to arouse popular sympathy by appealing for reforms of the government and economy. In addition to the petition, the court also received a request from eleven youths in Niigata, asking that they be executed in place of the Navy officers, and sending eleven severed fingers to the court as a gesture of their sincerity.

League of Blood defendents awaiting trial

Punishment handed by the court was extremely light, and there was little doubt in the Japanese press that the murderers of Prime Minister Inukai would be released in a couple of years, if not sooner. Failure to severely punish the plotters in the May 15 Incident further eroded the rule of law and the power of the democratic government in Japan to confront the military. Indirectly, it led to the February 26 Incident and the increasing rise of Japanese militarism.”

So, curiously, by incentivizing the death penalty, instead of dishonorable discharge or prison terms, Erdogan is digging his own grave, as predicted – establishing himself as the *true murderer* of the legacy of Mustafah Atatürk, destroying the final pillars of secularism and democracy in Turkey. In essence, this failed coup d’état has been deadly indeed, by showing that Erdogan wishes to destroy Atatürk dream, and create a fascist state under his corrupt rule. But defeat can only come at one price – the one that the people are willing to pay. The turkish nationals have the duty of rise against their government and do the coup d’état to free themselves of Erdogan’s prepotency.

This coup d’état is just a taste of things to come, and by no means can it be called a failure.

It rattle the cage of the beast – and the beast, consumed by fear, is already creating mayhem – and from Chaos rises Anarchy, the mother of all revolutions.


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